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Frequently Asked Questions

How much takes time to receive a transfer?

Depend on the transfer type it takes about 1-2 hours maximum less than 1 working day.

We sell credit cards dumps (with track 1 and track 2 information and PIN), also CC with CVV and other information WU Transfer CoinBase Transfer, Paypal Transfer and other new products.

You don’t have to register to purchase a product.

You will receive a unique order ID and an e-mail confirming your order after your purchase.Also System will make you an account automatically after first purchase.


Dump is encrypted data with information of card that is written on the back side on each banking card (magnetic strip). If you have this information, you have an opportunity to works the cardholder account. Usually, you can see a dump in the form of 3 tracks. If you deal with credit or debit card, the most important would be the first two tracks (track 1 and 2). As for the third one, it plays a significant role for the interest-bearing account.

The PIN is a unique 4 digit code. Only cardholder knows it. .

All of the transfers are 100% safe and secure. You don't need to worry about anything.

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Refund guaranteed till 30 days.We are available 24/7.Just simply send an email to support and ask for money back.No question asked.